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Innovation and R&D

More About R&D

We understand that we must continue developing the new products with new technology which could meet the market demand, this is the key to keep sustainable growth of factory. So we spend a lot on R&D and innovation.So far we have more than two hundred patents and it's been increased every year.

Auto-brush making machine

It can finish drilling, cutting, flagging and labeling automatically.From feeding until finished product, fully automatic.

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injection workshop support to military products


injection workshop for cleaning products spare parts


Jackson founded, step into finished products with PVA sponge, OEM began


transfer from OEM to ODM.In the past ten years, Jackson applied more than 200pcs domestic patents, 28pcs international and 12pcs PCT.


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At Jackson Travel,we understand that using a simple and effective tool for cleaning is very important for people,so we have full consideration on function and usage during the design process,we want to make people feeling satisfaction of cleaning based on the performance of our tools.Therefore,we have specific cleaning tools for different areas in house,so we are sure that people would be comfortable when the house keeps clean.

Multi Function Flat Mop

Our flat mop is not a mop,it's could be a wiper or broom,it's multi-functional,dry and wet use,all kinds of accessories which help you finish the possible demand during cleaning!High efficiency and save energy!

Disposable flat mop

Hands free sery mop, no need to touch the dirty fabric.Easy for squeezing the water and get rid of the dirty stuff,universal connector could let it go anywhere you want,say bye to coner stains.Make your house clean by one time working!

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